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Archive for Month: June 2008


Whose "vision" are you following?

Vision has several defintions… Some are listed below. Unusual competence in discernment or perception; intelligent foresight: a leader of vision. The manner in which one sees or conceives of something. A mental image produced by the imagination. The mystical experience of seeing as if with the eyes the supernatural or a supernatural being. A person or thing of extraordinary beauty. […]


A special, special day…Salvation is of the Lord!

I couldn’t wait to share this great news with you: someone we’ve been working with the past month just came to know the Lord Jesus Christ as Savior and as Lord! This person says that Jesus was never “Lord” of his life though he prayed to ask Jesus to “save” him as a child. This person prayed and cried out […]


The Impact of the Curse…the Promise of Redemption!

I don’t think you and I – nor our TIL counselees or biblical counselors – truly understand the impact of the curse of sin. We live in a “cursed” world and there is only one way to overcome these curses: the power of Christ living in us, guiding us, empowering us, and enabling us to rise above sin and its harmful effects. In […]