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Archive for Month: July 2008


Numbers for our ministry in July only!

We just completed the fourth month of ministry and here are our numbers for 8 full-time days of ministry in July 2008 only: Serving in 2 church locations (with several more very likely in near future) Training 20 people at one church location to do the work of discipleship through biblical counseling 71 people counseled this month 22 NEW counselees – […]


Please Respond: Sloppy Agape OR Lazy Legalism? To which side of the "ditch" do you tend to fall into?

To which side do you err upon: sloppy agape OR lazy legalism? I guess to answer the question, you need to know what I mean by these terms! My former pastor used these phrases when teaching and they have stuck with me. Sloppy Agape = the idea that grace abounds by God so one can allow anything and everything – even […]


Hearing from God FIRST in corporate worship often leads to…

…more responsive singing by our congregation! Four weeks ago at our church, we changed the order of service slightly. Here’s what we did: we simply adjusted the order of worship to have the preaching of the Word EARLIER in the service (10-15 minutes into it). What was our reasoning? Plain and simple: We HEAR from the Holy Spirit FIRST through the […]