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Archive for Month: August 2008


Forgiveness (part 12) next to last one

There are 2 types of people in this world: believers in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior and UNbelievers. Both need repentance and forgiveness. Believers need Fatherly forgiveness from God on a continual basis for sins. Believers must repent and believe in Christ asking God to forgive them. Unbelievers need judicial forgiveness from God on a first-time, one-time basis for […]


Forgiveness (part 11) rape/abuse/murder

What about situations like rape, severe abuse, and murder of a child by an unbeliever? How is the offended party who has been raped, abused, or lost a dear loved one to murder supposed to respond if he/she is a Christian? The answer: like Christ did. IN LOVE. We’ve got to get past this tempory life. Everything in this life […]


Numbers for August 2008!

In just our 4th full month of ministry at only 2 locations for 2 days per week (keep up with all of that if you can), here are our August 2008 numbers for Truth in Love Ministries, Inc.: 74 people were counseled this month in 9 days of biblical counseling 23 of those were brand new to our ministry 13 of […]