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Archive for Month: October 2008


A real endangered species: the intact family

While we hear about all of the endangered animals in the world, one endangered group is the intact American family with one father, one mother, and biological children. This group of people really are an endangered species in our culture. Divorce is ripping families apart. Adultery is ripping marriages apart. Disobedient children are ripping families apart. Poor parenting is ripping families apart. If […]


A Saturday Bible study?

We had a great family day this past Saturday. I want to share it with you. After b’fast, I read Psalm 51 to my wife and children. I taught them by using a handout given to me by a man who encourages fathers to teach their children the Word of God. Then, we listened to 2 songs about that psalm that accentuated […]


God's Timing (part 2)

Have you ever read a Bible verse in your own personal study time and then heard it mentioned in a sermon within the next 24 hours? Share a personal experience similar to this with us! -Mark (understanding God is in every detail of life)