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Archive for Month: February 2009


3 Lies of Satan

From Genesis 3 and Matthew 4 when Satan tempted Adam & Eve (who failed) and Jesus (who succeeded!): 1) You can do anything you feel like doing! Obey your appetites! 2) You will not have any consequences for your selfish choices! 3) You are your own god and you do not have to answer to anyone! Thankfully, Jesus answered each […]


A Successful Missions Conference!

What a great 2009 Missions Conference we had this week! First, we had a Kenyan Pastor preach in the Sunday morning worship service and it was powerful! This man is a true Kenyan and will return to his country in the next few years. In the meantime, he and his wife and children are “missionaries” to the United States (if […]


People are being RESCUED!

The joy of being a part of this ministry is that we get the privilege of watching God reconcile LOST people to Himself. They become “found” as He leads them to Christ as their Savior and Lord. Recently, we’ve had 3 people who were truly saved and converted to Christianity by God’s grace! Praise the Lord for producing His fruit […]