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Archive for Month: March 2009


Happy 1st Year Anniversary, TIL!

Truth in Love Ministries just completed its first year of ministry today! One year ago, on a Friday, TIL began with 2 biblical counseling sessions and 3 volunteer biblical counselors in our first day and week of ministry. Today, in a typical week, we do 40 biblical counseling sessions with 22 biblical counselors! Wow, how God is growing this ministry that […]


Alcohol IS a drug (part 2)

Alcohol is a drug in liquid form in the same way that cough syrup that contains codeine is a drug in liquid form AND like coffee contains a DRUG (caffeine) in liquid form. Wikipedia states, “Caffeine is a bitter, white crystalline xanthine alkaloid that acts as a psychoactive stimulant drug and a mild diuretic.” http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Caffeine So why do we put alcohol and […]


Alcohol IS a drug (part 1)

Cough syrup is a drug in liquid form. Likewise, alcohol is a drug in liquid form. So why do we think of alcohol differently than we do other drugs? Why does our culture put it into a totally different category? Some say, “alcohol is legal” but so are other over the counter meds that come in pill or liquid form. […]