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Archive for Month: April 2009


You've got to read this – a FIRST for TIL and a RARE occurrence!

You are NOT going to believe this! One of our counselees led a young person to the Lord in our waiting room! NOT a counselor but a counselee with whom we’ve been working for many months led a young person to the LORD. How about that for God showing that He is working through this ministry for His own glory! […]


2 saved in 1 day!

By God’s grace, He saved 2 people in our ministry in just one day of biblical counseling! This is a first for TIL! Praise the Lord! -Mark (a first for TIL as God continues to show off His glory to all of us!)


Least read book in America? Not the Bible…

The least read book in the U.S.A. is NOT the Bible – it’s your car’s instruction manual. Very few people read that book. Crisp, fresh, unmarked, and clean is how you’ll find this manual in most cars. But guess when people do read it? When their car breaks down! Don’t we do the same thing with our Bibles? When do we […]