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Archive for Month: May 2009


God is everywhere…. Join in the fun…

Missed writing over the last few months!  Hope everyone is doing well!  Had a few minutes here in a coffe shop/tech trap and thought I would share a few cool pics I’ve run across in the last day or two. Please don’t read this blog and get fired up thinking I’m some type of mystic who looks for God outside […]


What is biblical counseling?

Most people think of counseling as lying on a couch, venting and complaining about your problems, and then paying the counselor for your 50 minute visit. But is that what we do as biblical counselors? No!  Truth in Love Ministries provides biblical counseling and discipleship dealing with a wide assortment of individual, marital, and familial problems. Our counsel is founded […]


C&MA National Council in Louisville, KY

The C&MA is NOT the Country Music Association (CMA) but is the Christian & Missionary Alliance denomination. This week in my birthplace of Louisville, KY, is the national council (conference) for the Christian & Missionary Alliance denomination. Please pray for the C&MA leaders to make biblically-based decisions and to be led by the Holy Spirit alone. The C&MA is a solid […]