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Archive for Month: June 2009


Christ Health Center & TIL team up beginning July 7th

Take a few minutes and visit Christ Health Center (click logo below) You can also visit their page on Facebook here: Christ Health Center on Facebook  There you will find an excellent video which discusses in detail the mission & vision of  Christ Health Center.  Truth in Love is so thankful to God for the opportunity to partner with Christ Health […]


Going batty!

I posted about a bat in my carport a few days ago! Well, they are back. We have bats “hanging out” in our carport. Don’t misunderstand me when I cite Scripture that say these birds are “unclean” or “detestable” – that’s what the Lord called them because He did not want His children to EAT these birds/rodents/or whatever they are! […]


A.W. Tozer on "prevailing winds"

A friend told me that Tozer used to say that the “prevailing winds often blow toward hell.” What he meant is that popular opinion of the majority are often WRONG spiritually speaking. As Christians, we are to be called out, holy, pure, and different from the world and its system of modern thinking (when it disagrees with the Word of […]