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Archive for Month: August 2009


Small Groups Complement What We Do at TIL

We love small group discipleship. We believe TIL complements small groups by providing two-on-one, pin-pointed & micro-discipleship in the body of Christ. We seek to strengthen the body by addressing real problems. We serve many families right now and see God work in marriages weekly! Micro-discipleship is simply dealing with a problem issue with the Holy Scriptures as the “prescription” […]


God Offers More

I told someone recently that I appreciate the heart’s desire of many in psychology who want to help hurting souls. These folks are compassionate. It’s just that their goal is not enough. God offers more. God wants more! I know that God offers more than just help. God offers Himself through His Son, Jesus Christ. God offers a relationship to […]


Sep. 26th – TRACK 2 continues…

We are excited to announce the next section of Track 2 on Sat. Sept. 26th at PBC. Contact Shirley at [email protected] to register. NOTE: Those who came to the first day of TRACK 2 last week are already registered! This day of teaching will include in-depth, practical teaching on the following: Depression Self-image/self-worth Sexual “addiction” issues Divorce Several different teachers […]