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Archive for Month: October 2009


Good-bye, Brian, our CFO!

We will certainly miss our Chief Financial Officer and mighty man of God, Mr. Brian Rauch, as he will be moving to L.A. (Lower Alabama) soon. What a blessing he’s been to this ministry to volunteer his talents, wisdom, insights, and abilities to further TIL! We would not be where we are today without Brian! Thank you so much for […]


Stealing – 8th Commandment

The heart of God is giving. To me, that is Who God is – a Giver of life, a Giver of eternal life, a Giver of His love, a Giver in general. What can I give God that He has not first given me? That’s why I think the 8th Commandment of not stealing is so dear to God’s heart. […]


Job's children?

Everything that Job lost was doubled by the end of the book except for his children. Why? In Job 1:3, he had 7,000 sheep and in Job 42:12 he had been restored double that with 14,000 sheep. Camels, oxen, and donkeys were doubled, too. Job was given twice as much in physical possessions, but not physical children. He was given […]