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Archive for Month: December 2009


Celebrated or Tolerated?

Someone once told me, “Mark, go where you are celebrated and not just tolerated.” While I agree that I like the sound of that, I know that I must go where the Lord leads me. His calling is of the utmost importance to me! Do not allow man to dictate where you go. Follow the Lord. He’ll lead you. Read […]


Alabama ranks higher than the national average in TEEN drug usage…

Sadly, read this article: http://blog.al.com/spotnews/2009/12/post_321.html In 17 different drug categories, Alabama ranked higher in drug usage than the national average. That’s from beer to tobacco to cocaine to meth and more. This is a recent survey, too. To be fair, some numbers in Alabama improved slightly. Slightly. But it is alarming that 1 in 5 teens drank alcohol within the […]


What if the SATANIC International Version (SIV) existed?

This is purely a thought: What would the SATANIC International Version of the Bible (SIV) look like IF it existed? Kinda weird to think about I know. I admit it. I’ve had one too many bratwursts today and now my thinking has gone haywire! My answer is that it would be the exact same version of the Bible that we […]