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Archive for Month: February 2010


No Sin, No Savior!

Can you present the Gospel without mentioning the bad news that we all have a sin problem that is going to kill us and send us to a real place in eternity called hell? Sin is a vital ingredient of the Gospel like apples are a vital ingredient to apple pie! We have a sin problem yet no one talks about […]


Avatar – a Biblical perspective

A widely popular movie right now is called “Avatar.” However, it reported causes depression in people AFTER they watch the movie. Why? One reason is that the movie, Avatar, presents a utopian planet to live on. It’s a perfect place and moviegoers long to live in that type of place when they see that movie. So, they are depressed about this world when […]


What's it mean to "glorify God"?

Basically, one aspect of what it means to “glorify God” is to do what He says to do. When we obey Him, then we best reflect His glory to others. Jesus Christ is our Head and we are His body. We are the body of Christ and are to act like His hands and feet. We are ambassadors of Christ. We […]