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Archive for Month: March 2010


How much does it cost to support TIL financially?

Here is what the cost is to support TIL (based upon a 40 hour work week) IF we were fully staffed (which we are not because we are not fully funded yet, so these numbers are currently LOWER than presented right here!):      One Minute              0.45 cents! One Hour            $27.00  (that’s only one session of counseling) One Day         $648.07  (remember […]


"Why is God blessing TIL so much?"

I was asked the question once, “Why is God blessing Truth in Love Ministries so much?” My answer was simple: “Because of God.” Period. That’s it. It’s not God and _____ (fill in the blank) because it’s ONLY God. The Lord is pouring out His favor upon all of us at TIL which includes counselees and their families! Not because of us! Not […]


The Lovelady Center in East Lake

Next week, we’ll begin training the leaders at The Lovelady Center in East Lake. We’ll be sharing with them the hope found in the biblical approach to addiction! Please pray for this endeavor: that God would be glorified and that He would open our eyes to see Him more clearly! Also, if you’d like to support this class, it is […]