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Archive for Month: April 2010


God's Rest

Someone handed me a quote (source unknown) that said: “We do not enter into God’s Rest because we are continually striving to sanctify the wilderness experience.” In other words, we are often living in rebellion to God’s Word and yet wanting Him to bless and prosper us in our disobedience. The children of Israel failed to enter into the Promise […]


"I am in recovery"

Some of you may not get the joke but some of you will – I can imagine someone saying to me: “Mark is finally admitting he is in recovery after neck surgery!” One of the heartbeats of our ministry is that Christ “transforms” us from “addict/idolater” to “new creation in Christ.” It’s NOT merely a recovery but a transformation. Now […]


Are you "oversaved"?

Thought this was funny on Godtube. Needed a good laugh. About 3 minutes long. http://www.godtube.com/featured/video/michael-jr-oversaved/comedy -Mark (it’s good to laugh at ourselves – sometimes I am “oversaved”)