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Archive for Month: May 2010


I am a missionary to the United States

Someone said to me recently, “So you were a missionary.” I replied, “No, Sir. I am a missionary now…to the United States.” Truth in Love is a mission. We are speaking a language that few in the church world today in America really understand: sacrifice, worship, giving, living for Christ, depending upon the Holy Spirit, reconciling with sinners, redeeming lost […]


"I can't forgive myself!"

Where’s the Bible say we are to forgive ourselves? I thought sins were against God and others? The consequences of sin hurt us but when we sin, we need God’s forgiveness – not our own forgiveness! I hear this phrase a lot – “I can’t forgive myself!” – and I think they mean that they are struggling with the guilt and […]


Good News: Ronny does NOT need surgery!

Some of you know that our office manager extraordinaire, Ronny, broke his foot a week or so ago. Well, we have good news: the doctor’s reports show that he does not need surgery and he’s on the road toward healing! We thank the Lord for this good report! Thank you for your prayers for Ronny! He told me he knew […]