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Archive for Month: July 2010


I want a church that requires FAITH

Faith. Did you realize that churches can exist, have programs, preaching, and the like without having FAITH or being led by the Holy Spirit? It’s true. Some churches operate today without any faith. I think the key is being a GIVING church. Churches will NEVER out give God. So why not keep giving to real ministry and trust God to […]


Christian student expelled for beliefs

It’s becoming a sad day in America when a student like this is expelled for her Christian beliefs. http://www.foxnews.com/us/2010/07/28/court-university-expel-student-opposes-homosexuality/?test=latestnews -Mark (pray for this woman, her family, and everyone involved to come to Christ)


Worship: Self or Sacrifice?

When we worship the Lord, are we doing so for ourselves? The very word “worship” indicates living in a sacrificial way for His glory. It is an immoderate way to live in reckless abandon for Him. Unfortunately, some people today have a selfish view of worship as though worshipping God is all about them not Him. Do I enjoy worship? […]