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Archive for Month: September 2010


Book review of Divine Intervention

My wife found this book review on my book, Divine Intervention:  Reviewed by Julie A. Davis (Gilbert, AZ), December 05, 2008 This is a biblical resource for families or friends of addicts with all types of addictions in mind. The author plainly counsels from the bible calling all involved to accountability before God in their response to the addicted friend […]


Imagine being given a ONE MILLION dollar check!

True Story: My brother-in-law in California is the CEO of 30 charter schools. He’s a GREAT guy and almost as gifted and as kind as my wife! He was on Oprah last week. Well, he and six other charter school organizations got a $1 million check from Oprah’s Angel foundation for his charter schools organization that he runs, and they […]


Does Lindsay Lohan have a disease of addiction?

We need to pray for Ms. Lohan to find Christ. What does she need more: “recovery” from drugs in this life OR eternal life through Christ in the next life? For Christians, the answer is obvious because we believe in the afterlife of living in new bodies with our souls either in heaven or in hell. I heard that Lindsay […]