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Archive for Month: October 2010


What would Jesus wear for Halloween?

Ok, I was going to ignore this “holiday” but I couldn’t leave it alone. It’s Halloween, or The Devil’s Holiday. This is one of the biggest weekends for the sale of alcohol. People love this holiday because they can dress up like prostitutes, pimps, or pirates, have fun at parties, get candy, do pranks to unsuspecting persons, trick people, and […]


Everyone wants the end result but no one wants to…

…put in the hard work and sacrifice required to get there. This is true of counselees and it’s true of me! I want the result but do I want to pay my dues? In other words, people want well-behaved children. They want that end result. However, they are not willing to spend the time training their children and disciplining them […]


Rom. 12:2 – in the church!

I find myself teaching biblical truths to Christians who mistakenly think it’s heresy because they are so conformed to the pattern of this church world. In other words, sometimes the Gospel seems like heresy to people who are not used to hearing it and watch more TV than they read their Bibles! Just a commentary on how distracted we all […]