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Archive for Month: November 2010


If a "higher power" can be chosen, is it really a higher power?

How do I choose a “higher power”? Isn’t that a contradiction? By definition, a “higher power” is stronger and higher than me, right? If I choose a “higher power,” then is that really a higher power if I can choose it? Who REALLY is the higher power? I submit to you that the higher power is the one doing the […]


Billy Bob Thornton's quote

Read in the November 26, 2010, Birmingham News a quote from Billy Bob Thornton that revealed his worldview. He was talking about the characters in his new movie called “Faster” (not an endorsement of the movie, by the way, although it might be ok, just haven’t seen nor will I with theater prices!). Billy Bob said this: “Also I like […]


Admission is not Confession!

In the self-help programs, the first step is to ADMIT you are powerless. It’s not a confession but an admission. There is a big difference. Anyone can admit a problem but confession is an admission to God rendering a change of heart through repentance. Someone in the Bible in Exodus 9:27 and Exodus 10:16 “admitted” his problem but it didn’t […]