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Archive for Month: December 2010


Just watched a "Christian" movie…

I went to a Christian-themed movie recently which was VERY disappointing to me. Why? Not the acting. It was ok. I can forgive that! Not the story. It was ok. I can forgive it for being too “Hollywood” meaning everything worked out in the end. Not the attempt. I’m glad movie companies are TRYING to make Christian movies. That’s great! […]


Are you self-sufficient?

One of the desires of sinful mankind is self-sufficiency. It’s reinforced in modern America. But is it biblical and godly to be self-sufficient? I say “no.” We are to be Christ-sufficient or better yet, we are to find our sufficiency in Christ alone. We need to depend (trust) in God and not ourselves (Prov. 3:5-8). We need to depend upon […]


End of the year 2010 praise report!

I was looking at our Truth in Love budget for 2010 (something I try NOT to do often) and was so encouraged to see that we are only $4,000.00 short of our budget for the year. Praise the Lord for His provision! I read recently about a so-called church (I really wonder if they are a church) that has 2 […]