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Archive for Month: January 2011


Dangerous Doctrine

I read this mission statement from an organization that offers psychological care and training to the CHURCH. They are seeking to integrate psychological ideas of mankind (many of which oppose the Word of God) with biblical truths. Here is what they believe (from their very own website, see link below): The Emerge Mission Because believers must live “in” the world […]


Consumer Jesus?

So many people are trying to make money off of Jesus and they have a mindset of consumerism using Jesus as the selling piece. But is He for sale? Should they make money off of what they think Jesus is all about? What would Jesus Himself say about this? I think you and I know what He would say…He would […]


"Jesus is my sponsor! He is my friend!"

At self-help meetings, one is encouraged to get a sponsor which is someone to disciple them in the principles of the secular, self-help program. The problem is that a sponsor may not be a Christian. So how can someone learn about Christ from a person who is NOT a Christian? They cannot if the person is not following Christ! So […]