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Archive for Month: February 2011


"Kids" or Children?

My recently deceased grandmother once told me, “I don’t call children ‘kids’ because a ‘kid’ is a goat and children are not wild animals.” Wow, how our words change over the years! At first, I didn’t get it. But what she was saying to me was, “Mark, I value children as human beings made in the image of God and […]


Why I Do NOT Recommend Sleepovers for Children

Are sleepovers really necessary to the growth and development of children? Really? How beneficial are they? Well, as a biblical counselor, I hear all kinds of stories about what happens at sleepovers – the majority of them not good. I hear about first time uses of alcohol, marijuana, even cocaine, sexual abuse, sexual experimentation, watching inappropriate movies (sex, horror, language, […]


American Parenting is killing us!

With Christmas a distant memory that occurred two months ago, maybe now it’s “safe” to critique the typical philosophy of most American parents (even Christians): “Give your children EVERYTHING they want, materially speaking, and especially at Christmas.” The traditional American style of parenting is to give your children EVERYTHING they want for Christmas. “We can’t let our children be disappointed, […]