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Archive for Month: March 2011


How does an “addiction” affect a marriage?

Tomorrow night, I’ll be speaking in New Jersey on the subject of addictions. One of the things we will likely discuss is the impact of an addiction upon a marriage. Addiction is a SIN not a disease as the world teaches. Often, a spouse caught in the trap of addiction is committing sins against a spouse (like adultery, spending money […]


Passive Husbands are Killing their Wives

The epidemic I see most often in biblical marriage counseling cases I am privileged to serve in are passive husbands and assertive wives. The two go hand in hand, unfortunatlely, and I blame the husband for much of this problem (though wives are not totally without some blame). Most Christian men I counsel in marriage counseling are too passive. They […]


Ladies: Who Changes First?

To wives: Want a transformed marriage? Then, why don’t you change first? Allow the Lord to do a work in your heart and learn to submit to Him, then pray for Him to work on your husband’s heart next – all the while, your husband is witnessing your external conduct that comes from your being a godly woman. God will work on […]