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Archive for Month: April 2011


Is the THEORY of evolution true?

To me, it is so sad to hear Christians justify, explain, and believe in the theory of evolution. It takes more faith to BELIEVE this theory of Darwin’s is true than to BELIEVE the biblical, historical account of creation in Genesis 1. And you cannot believe in both because they are contradictory so which one will you believe to be true […]


Preaching or Biblical Counseling? Which is more effective?

I love the ministry of the Word, especially in the biblical counseling room. Is preaching as effective as biblical counseling? Richard Baxter, a Puritan, stated that thirty minutes of private, pastoral conversation may accomplish more than 10 years of public preaching. Think about that for a minute. Half an hour of pastoral conversation is greater than 10 years of preaching when […]


Victory or Obedience: Which Comes First?

There is an excellent article written by this same title by a dear brother in Christ named Dr. Rick Thomas, Founder of Mt. Carmel Ministires. I think it’s worth your effort to read. Dr. Thomas says this about the question – “Victory or Obedience: Which Comes First?”: This may appear to be a simplistic question warranting no response.  Of course […]