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Archive for Month: July 2011


Is biblical counseling hurting the church?

I picked on youth pastors and seminaries – now, I’m picking on my own field: biblical counseling. Is biblical counseling hurting or helping the church? Well, that depends. In terms of informal biblical counseling of one Christian loving another Christian, biblical counseling is necessary for all Christians – both to do and to receive. In other words, we all need […]


Are seminaries helping or hurting the church?

I am a local church guy. I believe that we must rely upon the Holy Spirit and the Word of God being taught by the faithful followers of Christ who are the body of Christ. I happen to believe that the Matthew 28:18-20 method of disciple-making is the key to building the body of Christ. I also happen to think […]


Alarming Statistics

Maybe I should have started all of these blogs that critique the American church with these statistics from Dr. Thom Rainer about the percentage of people actively engaged in Christianity: 1) Over 65 years of age – 65% are engaged in their Christian faith 2) From 46-64 years of age – 35% are engaged in Christianity 3) From 34-45 years […]