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Archive for Month: August 2011


Speaking or Hearing the truth in love? Which is it?

With so much emphasis upon sermons, you would think Ephesians 4:15 said: “hearing the truth in love we are to grow up in every way into Him” but it doesn’t. In fact, it does not emphasize hearing in that verse though hearing is mentioned in other places like Romans 10. But it is interesting to me that this passage in […]


Saddest post of all about American churchianity…a condemning statistic

I may have mentioned that Pastor Bart Box at Brook Hills said he read a statistic that is condemning to the American way of doing and attending church. Here it is: Out of 16 million Southern Baptists on the rolls as active members, only 6 million are in church each Sunday. There are 10 million members on the rolls who […]


Are you a Christian or a church attendee?

Just asking! I heard someone quote Billy Graham as saying that he thought 70% of all church attendees were NOT saved! That’s a lot of unbelievers sitting there on Sunday mornings. No wonder the church in America is falling prey to some of the cultural trappings that handcuff the power of the true church! -Mark (not all church attendees are […]