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Archive for Month: October 2011


drunkenness is a SIN

“Here is a man that was lately a drunkard, and God has loved him and made him sober, and is wonderfully proud because he is sober. What folly! Have done, sir! Have done!  Give God the glory of your deliverance from the degrading vice, or else you are still degraded by ingratitude.” quote by Charles H. Spurgeon -Mark (did Spurgeon think this […]


God is good all the time

“Since the Lord has appeared to me, He has made me see His restraining hand where once I saw nothing but the cruel disappointment of my hopes.” quote by Charles H. Spurgeon -Mark (God is good…all the time…even when we cannot see it!)


talking about yourself too much?

“He who talks forever about himself has a foolish subject, and is likely to worry and weary all around him.” quote by Charles H. Spurgeon -Mark (Who else is there to talk about than Jesus!)