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Archive for Month: January 2012


The FIRST sound they hear will be the voice of Jesus!

TIL is privileged to serve the deaf community. We are blessed each time we spend time with our brothers and sisters at Grace Deaf Presbyterian Church in Danville, KY, (www.gracetodeaf.com) has a vision for reaching the DEAF world for Christ! TIL is honored to be serving with them to set this up for the glory of God! My wife and […]


Psalm 41: Do you love the poor?

In the U.S.A., some of us think we are poor when compared to the rest of the world, we are rich beyond measure! When half the world’s population makes about $2.00/day at the most, I would say that almost all Americans are rich! God talks frequently in His Word about helping the poor and those without justice. For example, Psalm […]


Joe Paterno: A Sin of Omission

Wherever I teach, I always talk about the two types of sin: commission and omission. In addition, I make a strong statement that “sins of omission, or failing to do the right thing that God requires” often have far-reaching consequences that are greater than sins of commission. For example, a sin of commission is when a sinful act is committed like […]