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Archive for Month: March 2012


Kickoff to the “Be TRANSFORMED!” Addiction Program on March 28, 2012

We are excited to be launching our new addiction program on March 28th (4 years exactly after counseling began in TIL) at the PRAYER meeting at Bethel Baptist Church in Moody, AL, at 6:30 pm in the worship center. Come join us as we pray for this new program and the people involved in it to glorify God and to […]


Who is personally discipling you?

To be a follower of Christ, you need to be taught since the word “disciple” comes from the same Latin root as the word “discipline” and indicates a student learning in a structured setting. So who is discipling you? When I ask that question to people, too many answer, “No one.” Some answer, “I guess my pastor when I hear […]


Occupy Wall Street: Overthrow what?

With all of the Occupy Wall Street stuff going on, it is easy to think that we need to overthrow wall street because wall street is the problem. Some think we need to overthrow the government because government is the problem. But I will be honest with you and tell you the primary problem (not that Wall Street and the […]