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Archive for Month: April 2012


Mark on Las Vegas radio this Saturday, May 5th, talking about gambling and internet “addiction”

Funny and true story: I snore. I wear a CPAP now but I have snored since I was a skinny, young man. At the breakfast table recently, my 11 year old daughter said to me, “Daddy, in science, I learned about the respiratory system that when someone lays on their back, they snore.” My 8 year old son replied to […]


Buffalo, NY – beautiful feet?

Please pray for me as I am the keynote speaker at a conference on addiction in the Buffalo, NY, area on April 27-28. I will also speak at a banquet on April 28th in the evening and then preach on Sunday morning April 29th. Looking forward to teaching on Relapse, The Heart of Addiction, Divine Intervention, and Addiction-Proof Parenting as […]


Thomas Kinkade: Another tragic death from alcohol abuse

Recent celebrities and athletes have struggled with alcohol and drug abuse like baseball player and Christian, Josh Hamilton. Some of these celebrities have died in their struggle like Whitney Houston and now Thomas Kinkade, known as the “painter of light”. Read this story about Kinkade now: http://latimesblogs.latimes.com/lanow/2012/04/thomas-kinkade-suffered-alcoholism-relapse-prior-to-death-.html I disagree with this particular ’cause-effect’ inference in the article: “Kinkade’s brother Patrick told […]