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Archive for Month: May 2012


God is Self-Centered

I read David Platt’s Radical Together book and loved the sixth chapter’s title and subtitle:   The God Who Exalts God: We are Selfless Followers of a Self-Centered God When you read that at first, you may be tempted to think it is wrong but it’s perfectly right! Only God is perfectly loving and capable of being Self-Centered because only He is […]


Biblical Counselor Training in Birmingham, AL – July 19-21 & Aug 2-4, 2012

As we eagerly await our 3rd Annual Biblical Counselor Training this summer at Briarwood Church, we are grateful to the Biblical Counseling Coalition (BCC) for this link: http://bit.ly/BccBCDT1 Our lineup of teachers is fantastic and includes: Brad Bigney, Howard Eyrich, Craig Rowe, Bart Box, Deric Thomas, Jeff Robinson, Rick Thomas, Tim Keeter, Tim Brown, Howard Dial, Dave Matthews, Alonza Jones, Glenn […]


Man guilty of DUI sues VICTIM’s estate…

I write about the victim mentality in my books because I’ve learned that most people really want to think of themselves as irresponsible, helpless victims (see Genesis 3:12-13). This story is very sad to me and epitomizes the victim mentality extremely well, unfortunately so. Read the story below: http://gma.yahoo.com/blogs/abc-blogs/florida-man-guilty-dui-manslaughter-sues-victim-130753893–abc-news.html This man who was convicted and sentenced to jail because he was […]