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Archive for Month: July 2012


Who is weird?

Sometimes, the world labels people as “weird” or “crazy” or “psycho” which is judgmental. The outward behavior is strange in these cases so the person seems like a “whacko” (and other such derogatory terms). But God looks at the heart (I Sam. 16:7) and so should we. So I submit to you that quite often “weird” people are simply NOT […]


Support TIL’s First-Ever Overseas Missions Trip!

Click on the link to read the details of this exciting new opportunity for Truth in Love Ministries to glorify God! OIC Sept 2012 Blessings, Mary Shaw (Mark’s wife for this life)


The Bachelor – TV Show without success

The tv show hit, The Bachelor, has a very poor record of lasting relationships. Only 4 of the 23 couples are still “together” (I’m not sure that even means “married”) after the process of dating and ultimate choice to be matched on the show. That’s 17.3% success rate but the show stays on air because of its ratings…not because of […]