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Archive for Month: August 2012


Not Worshipping God Alone

If you ever wonder why people seem “addicted” to any pleasure, the reason is simply idolatry. The have filled their hearts with idolatrous lusts. Dr. David Powlison once said, “Idolatry is by far the most frequently discussed problem in the Scriptures…the relevance of massive chunks of Scripture hangs on our understanding of idolatry.” When you read the Bible, you must […]


Increase in Mental Illness to Come

I find it interesting that in light of the shootings in Colorado commonly called the “Movie Massacre” that there is a lot of talk about mental health and mental illness. Many are ASSUMING this young man who was the killer had to be mentally ill since there is not any other conceivable explanation in their minds like sin in the […]


Mislabeling Sin

I heard a psychologist talk about dealing with the “psychological wounds” following the tornadic storms last April in 2011. While I do not disagree about the pain involved in the aftermath of these storms, his choice of words is wrong here. The victims are now primarily dealing with real fear. He couldn’t call it “fear” because that would’ve been perceived […]