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Archive for Month: September 2012


Hell is Fair

When a child says to a parent, “That’s not fair!” The parent’s response could be simple: “Really? Do you know what is fair? Hell is fair.” When we complain to God about anything, we need to stop our grumbling which is sin and remember: “Hell is fair. Hell is what we deserve.” No one who gets a speeding ticket ever […]


Dependence upon…

Our task in biblical counseling is NOT to get the counselee excited about counseling to keep coming back; instead, our goal is to assign homework because that will point the counselee to Christ so that he/she will be excited about spending time with God in the study and obedience of His Word in everyday life. If we simply get the […]


Over 3,000 drug-related arrests in 3 months in KY

http://surfky.com/index.php/obituaries/local/hopkins/19402-operation-blue-li Check out this link above to a recent story about Operation B.L.U.E. Lights in Kentucky from June 1, 2012, to September 4, 2012 (Labor Day). That’s a couple days over 3 months and they had over 3,000 drug-related arrests in that short amount of time. That’s over 1,000 arrests per month at ROUTINE checkpoint stops!!!!!!!!!!!! And we think the roads are […]