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Archive for Month: November 2012


Christian Meditation Different from Secular Meditation (i.e. Yoga etc)

“Christian meditation is different from secular meditation (i.e. yoga, etc). Christians actively think about a specific verse/passage of Scripture and how it applies to their lives. Secular meditation is passive. One may allow anything and everything to come into one’s mind. There is no direction or focus. “Freedom” is encouraged but what comes into one’s mind is often not “freeing” […]


New Video for Addiction-Proof Parenting

Wanted to share this great new video produced for Addiction-Proof Parenting:  http://youtu.be/4CO2NwbQvDM -Mark (thanks to Pastor Michael Duncan at Literary Video Creations: www.literaryvideocreations.com )


A Complete “Addiction” Curriculum for Counselors, Program, and Churches

For those enslaved to drugs and alcohol, the local church is the answer. Once a drug-addicted person is detoxed from their drug of choice, the body of Christ offers the best means of support and transformation available. If your church does not have the resources to host big group “addiction” meetings but you would like to start a “program,” here […]