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Archive for Month: December 2012


A New Year with a Re-Focus for Truth in Love Ministries in 2013

Truth in Love Ministries has had to make some difficult decisions. None more difficult than reducing staff for 2013. The Lord birthed TIL through me in October of 2007. Over five years later, we’ve had an amazing production of fruit through TIL in both counselees and the counselors who have served Christ. We look back and it is simply amazing […]


Baby Jesus

I wrote about King Jesus and His Second Coming in a recent blog. Now, with Christmas fast approaching, we are reminded about the First Coming of Jesus – as a baby. Philippians 2:5-11 says it best about Jesus’ willingness to humble Himself and relinquish His greatness as God to become a man: Have this mind among yourselves, which is yours […]


Thy Kingdom Come

In America, we don’t live in a kingdom with a real king. Instead, we have a President and branches of government to protect us from a one man rule since the government recognizes the potential that unlimited power to one fallen, fallible, and sinful man will likely lead to a tyrannical dictator where people may be abused and taken advantage […]