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Archive for Month: January 2013


Redeemed from the Pit

Check out this link http://redeemedfromthepit.blogspot.com/ about The Addiction Connection! If you have not read Marie Notcheva’s book, Redeemed from the Pit (of Bulimia), you need to do so! It is one of the recommended resources approved by the national team at The Addiction Connection (www.theaddictionconnection.org). -Mark (grateful for Marie’s work and biblical commitment and approach to eating disorders)


Deeply Impacted by Romania

After our trip to Romania, I was struck by what I learned. At one point, I wanted to say to one of the Romanians, “You really believe the Bible and obey it! We don’t have faith like this in America.” But I stopped myself. It reminded me of the biblical account of the faith of the Centurion in Matthew 8:5-13 […]


Ronny Shaw just turned…how old???

Happy Belated Birthday (January 15th) to Ronny Shaw, our TIL office manager, who turned 72 years young. He is still serving the LORD faithfully and with God’s strength at the end of his life. He is the backbone behind TIL and an amazing servant of God. Pray for him that he will finish the race well and continue to touch […]