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Archive for Month: March 2013


No Greater Love for “Addicts”

I love our Savior: Greater love has no one than this, that someone lay down his life for his friends. (John 15:13) What greater love can someone offer another person than to lay down His life and that’s precisely what Jesus did for sinners which includes “addicts” and “alcoholics” who really are idolaters and drunkards, biblically-speaking! You see, when we […]


March Madness and the Marketing of Madness

In the spirit of my favorite sport season, March Madness, a serious concern is that the secular psychological world seems to want us to believe that we are ALL insane and that they have the answers to help us. Neither of these is true! What is true is that ALL of us are sinners enslaved to sin and that only […]


Salvation AND Sanctification

I think we make the mistake of emphasizing salvation and the power of the Gospel to save over and above the power of the Holy Spirit to sanctify His people. I say that because I hear so many salvation messages preached to saved people who need to hear sanctification messages about growing spiritually in Christ in a practical way. A […]