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Archive for Month: April 2013


Jason Collins: Gay NBA Player – Does it Matter?

So the media tells us that a very significant event occurred today: the first active player in one of the major 4 sports in America announces he is gay. So why is this news? Why does this news matter? To whom does it matter? Not to me. I would have treated Mr. Collins with love regardless of his announcement. Sexual […]


National Children’s Mental Health Awareness Day????????

May 9, 2013, is National Children’s Mental Health Awareness Day and there is a push by pharmaceutical companies and the DSM-53 (or DSM-5 but it seems like 53 because it is always reinventing itself) to get more kids on psychotropic medications due to mental illness diagnoses. Think about it: what “market” is untapped for psychotropic meds? Children. Thus, Brandon the […]


Day 16: From Home with Thankfulness

We made it home last night and went to bed at 10 pm Central Standard Time. That was 30 hours from the first moments when we woke up, dressed, and left for the Kemerovo, Siberian airport! I know I slept 45 minutes on the longest flight and nodded off a few times on each of the other flights but never […]