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Archive for Month: October 2013


Bitter Pill

I have honestly not had much time to peruse the website like I desire to, but I found an interesting Indiana website about the epidemic and dangers of prescription drug use at http://www.in.gov/bitterpill/ There are testimonies and great facts presented on this website like: “Every 25 minutes someone dies from a prescription drug overdose.” Then it’s got a clock timing your time […]


Watch “Think on These Things” Saturdays at 2 pm

Just a reminder that Charlotte Thornton hosts a program called “Think on These Things” and I will be a guest each Saturday at 2 pm (CST). We have recorded 12 programs so far and I enjoy the format of applying biblical principles to a real-life situation. You ought to tune in just to find out how practical the Bible is […]


Pastor’s wife commits adultery but blames “mental illness”

True story from this past Sunday, October 13, 2013: http://m.christianpost.com/news/pastor-ron-carpenter-reveals-wifes-mental-illness-adultery-in-heart-wrenching-sunday-confession–106594/ First of all, I’m truly sad. I’m sad about the situation, sad that Pastor Ron Carpenter and his wife are suffering at their own choices, sad that he lied and faked it – like everything was all right for 10 years without getting help from leaders in his church, sad […]