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Archive for Month: March 2014


Celebrating 6 Years of Ministry!

Six years ago today, Truth In Love Ministries began doing the work of biblical counseling. I saw a need for biblical counseling in the local churches of Birmingham, Alabama. Now, TIL is thriving under the new leadership of Bill Dill, our Southeast Regional Director. TIL Stats: On March 28, 2008, we started modestly with …. 3 biblical counselors 2 biblical […]


God’s Faithfulness Despite Our Sinfulness

In what ways has God been faithful to you despite your sinful choices? Have you ever written that down on paper before – the ways God has been faithful in your life? Especially, the ways He’s been faithful when you were not? In the Bible, God was faithful to the Israelites even when they were unfaithful to Him. What it […]


Biblical Role Models

A role model is someone you observe for the purpose of becoming more like. For the Christian, God has given us role models in His Word – the only perfect One is Jesus, of course, but we can learn from many Bible characters. Biblical Role Models: The very first biblical role model will always be Jesus Christ. He is a […]