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Archive for Month: October 2014


Paul the Counselor is Released!

Glean biblical insights from 23 leading biblical counselors from all over the United States. Some of the writers in this book include Bill Hines, Ed Bulkley, David Tyler, Howard and Pam Eyrich, Herbert Gooden, Jeff Young, Tim Mullet, Alonza Jones, Shirley Crowder, Fred Bucci, Tim Keeter, Kurt Grady, Phil Price, and the list goes on! It was a joy to write and edit […]


Author of the Day: Martha Peace (Discounted Books!)

Continuing our “Author of the Day” series, let’s introduce Martha Peace. Using Focus Publishing as her publisher, Martha has written the booklet, “Psychologized Man,” and the book, “The Excellent Wife” which has a Leader’s Guide as well as a daily devotional. All of these books are available at a superbly discounted rate plus shipping while supplies last. Email [email protected] to reserve your […]


Find out the latest from Truth In Love in our newsletter!

Truth In Love Ministries is now releasing their Fall 2014 Newsletter called “Conquering the World by Speaking the Truth in Love.” Catch up on all the current events and updates about Bill Dill’s health, how Truth In Love is all over the world, and a personal interview with Dr. Mark Shaw’s daughter Sarah about their upcoming missions trip in November of […]