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Archive for Month: December 2014


All We Can Say Is…

…Thank you! Many times when I first begin to pray, all I can think to say is “Thank You!” to the Lord! Really, what else is there to say most of the time but “Thank You, God!” There are so many thanksgiving verses in the Bible expressing gratitude to the Lord that I wrote an entire Appendix of references in […]


Did Psychotropic meds contribute to Robin Williams’ demise?

What the public often fails to realize is that ANY drug has side effects. Some of society’s “acceptable” psychotropic drugs are very scary like Remeron (aka Mirtazapine) which Robin Williams was prescribed and taking at his death. Remeron is a “black box” drug which means it increases the risk of suicidal and depressed ideations. Williams was prescribed Seroquel 7 days […]


O For a Thousand Tongues to Sing Our Great Redeemer’s Praise!

What did Dr. Mark Shaw & his daughter Sarah do on their journey overseas to England and Romania? Which books/booklets did Dr. Shaw write this year? How many of his books have been translated into other languages? What topics are covered in the book Paul the Counselor? Find out the answers to these questions in the newsletter! Click here to read […]