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Archive for Month: January 2015


The Truth about the Fictious Disease Called ADHD

Here is a provocative article about the Dr. Leon Eisenberg, the father of ADHD, who admits his theory of ADHD is a “fictitious disease.” I know I will receive a lot of complaints about this blog post and the link to this Freedom Outpost article but I am not trying to please man but God (Gal. 1:10). Click on the link […]


Truth In Love — like a microscopic cell?

Rachel Shaw, my daughter who loves to write, wrote a 5-paragraph journal entry about how microscopic cells are similar to Truth in Love Ministries. Read her journal entry below and learn about cells and the similarity to our ministry: Cells are microscopic organisms that contain different organelles, or tiny structures that help carry out the cell’s functions. Likewise, Truth in Love Ministries, a ministry […]


The Addiction Connection, CHOICES & Biblical Counseling Ministries

The Addiction Connection (TAC)’s main goal is “Connecting the Hope of the Gospel to the Heart of Addiction.” The TAC team hosts a meeting every so often. And this fall, we are meeting on August 25, 2014 in Chaffee, NY. Steve & Melanie Hammond (pictured) offered to host the meeting at their place. Steve & Melanie Hammond serve the Lord in two amazing […]