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Archive for Month: March 2015


Life Lessons: We are Messengers

One of my favorite song titles is “A New Way to Be Human.” As Christians, we often forget our new identity and new purpose. We have been given a message of hope to share with others. We didn’t write the message; instead, we simply deliver it and it is called the Gospel. With this message, we are given¬†three main purposes […]


Refusing to Believe the Truth

I find it so heart-wrenching when counselees refuse to believe the truth about their sin and their desperate need for a Savior. Undeniably, there will always be stubborn, unwilling, and unrepentant counselees who are not¬†enthusiastic about walking in newness of life. Some unbelievers believe the cost to follow Christ is too expensive and too radical. Mark 10:17-27 reminds us that […]