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Archive for Month: May 2015


Why French Kids Do NOT Have ADHD

You must read this solid article by a non-Christian on why ADHD is not a problem in France but IS a problem in the USA. Interesting fact from the article is that less than 0.5% (not even 1%) of French children are diagnosed ADHD while 9% of American children seem to have the diagnosis. Is it something in our water over […]


Letter to My Younger Self

Curt Schilling wrote an interesting web post on April 11, 2015, called: Letter to My Younger Self  which was published on The Players’ Tribune. It’s about chewing tobacco and the dangers not realized when you are a kid. Take a look by clicking on the link above! -Mark (always easy to see things when you are an adult)


What the Josh Duggar situation teaches

On Thursday, Mr. Josh Duggar resigned from his position at Family Research Council amid his confession that he committed wrongs against his family and close friends. Based upon a variety of reports, it has been revealed that 12 years ago he molested five girls, some of which were his sisters. I would urge everyone to keep the victims out of this which is what I intend to do. […]