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Archive for Month: July 2015


Don’t Forget to Tune in to Think on These Things!

Every Saturday afternoon, you have an opportunity to learn more about God, His Word, and His Body through a teaching time from Charlotte Thornton. Watch the program locally in Birmingham, AL on channel 47 on Way TV. Listen locally in Birmingham, AL on FM radio station 91.9.   Click here to watch “Think on These Things” from the comfort of […]


How to Counsel Informally

Fellowship. Accountability. Prayer. Sharing. Does this describe your small group time in church? Is this how you practice biblical counseling on a personal, informal basis in your local church? If this is you, praise the Lord with me please! If not, let’s work on it … together! We’ve put together 4 main points to help us remember how to practice personal counseling […]


Rick Whitehead: Still Impacting Many Lives

Most of you know Brother Rick Whitehead who served sacrificially at Bethel Baptist Church in a variety of ways: counseling, leading Sunday praise, directing the choir, and leading the Celebrate Recovery ministry. He counseled for Truth In Love Ministries and was faithful to God’s Word. What you might not know is that Brother Rick taught my son, Mark Jr., how […]