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Archive for Month: December 2015


How Meadowlark Lemon Impacted My Life

Funny how a guy I never met impacted my life. Such is the case of the “Clown Prince” of basketball: Meadowlark Lemon. I had moved back to Mobile, AL, and was looking for a church to join. Mary (my fiancee at the time and now wife) saw that Meadowlark Lemon was preaching in our hometown and suggested we go. Both […]


Addiction as a Disease Will Hurt & Haunt Our Society

Here’s an article about the recent firing of Univ. of Southern California football coach, Steve Sarkisian, who is filing a lawsuit against the school because he has a disability: alcoholism. His attorney’s logic is correct: if alcoholism is a disability because it is a disease according to our culture, then he was fired unjustly due to his disease and disability […]


The True Meaning of Christmas

Since Christmas is a busy time of the year, we want to look at the true meaning of Christmas to help us remember what it’s all about: Christ. Let’s start with Bible passages that remind us of someone who is the real reason for the season. Luke 2:11 For unto you is born this day in the city of David a […]