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Archive for Month: May 2016


Sex-Reassignment Surgery Produces 20 Times Higher Suicide Rate 10 Years Later

It seems everyone is discussing transgender issues in the news. A good friend sent this article to me to read on the truth that some do not want published. I encourage you to read this article and share it. It is from a Johns Hopkins psychiatrist who has researched the issue of gender dysphoria. What stood out to me from the […]


Is Alcoholics Anonymous Biblical?

Some of you heard the one hour program called “Up for Debate” hosted by Julie Roys where Ken B. and I discussed the question: “Is A.A. biblical?” Afterward, I thought of 100 million things I wish I had said. Has that ever happened to you after a conversation or an interview? Not a great feeling. So I thought I would […]


Law Protecting All Counselors in TN

Religious freedoms in our country are quickly decreasing due to the changing morals in society. For this reason, I was thankful to see this law pass in Tennessee. The law basically allows counselors/therapists the freedom (key word) to refuse to treat someone with different religious or personal beliefs. Opponents of the law say it is an “unprecedented attack” that will […]